We believe in the power of data to guide our actions and focus our perspective.

IntrospectData is building the next generation of capabilities, bringing to focus modern, high scale, on-demand and modular infrastructure, cloud-native application architectures and modern data management patterns to help customers manage, migrate, better leverage and elevate their data practices from end-to-end within the enterprise. With our unique blend of products and services offerings, IntrospectData aims to leverage common services and toolsets to accelerate purpose and outcome driven engagement with the most complex and critical data workloads. We seek to build upon years of experience and insight to develop common platform and product that allows our customers to gain greater freedom and speed in their data management processes.

Automation as a First Class Citizen

Database management has, hisorically, been steeped in manual management processes due to how unique these systems were. We don't disagree that these systems are complex, but we are fully convinced that automation in managing data-focused systems is critical to operating with confidence.

We have years of experience designing, building and running high-scale automation for highly available systems running in datacenters, the cloud and in more modern architectures.

Always Learning

Our platforms are designed to be iterative and are constantly being updated. Whether you're working to gain further insight into your operational world or are looking deeply into your own data, our solutions are always expanding in capability and context.

Focused on the Underlying Question

Our process is designed to iterate quickly and work to build shared understanding at every point of interaction. We are always looking for the chance to dig deeper and understand the problem spaces we work in.